Things to do

There is no shortage of breathtaking tours, exciting events, stunning local sights, delicious places to eat and incredible people to meet in Kununurra and the surrounding region. Below are some suggested tour itineraries to make the most of your Muster experience.



  • MORNING - Breakfast at Ivanhoe Cafe then head to Ski beach for the annual Dam to Dam & The Argyle Diamond dig. Spend the whole morning at the Dam to Dam and stay for lunch. 
  • AFTERNOON - Lunch at Wild Mango and stay in town to get street side for the Float Parade and Street Party. 
  • ALTERNATIVE AFTERNOON - Head into Mirima National Park and meet with a DPaW representative for a guided walk through Mirima National Park. 
  • EVENING - Head up to Kelly’s Knob to watch the sunset over Kununurra and then back to the Street Party for some quick dinner or mosey over to Kununurra Country Club Resort for dinner.


  • MORNING - Breakfast at your accommodation house and then depart Kununurra for Wyndham, stopping off a the Grotto – a natural amphitheatre – 140 steps down.   Upon arriving in Wyndham, past the big crocodile in the main street, head to the 5 Rivers Lookout (Bastion) for an amazing view of the 5 Rivers feeding into the Cambridge Gulf.  Drive around Wyndham and look at the Aboriginal Dreamtime Statues Statues and head out to the Wyndham port which was founded in 1885.  Stop at the Wyndham Museum, located in the old Courthouse building.
  • AFTERNOON - Have lunch at either the Rusty Shed Cafe or Five Rivers Cafe before heading back to Kununurra via Parry Creek and Marlgu Billabong.  You could even stay the night at the Rusty Wheelbarrow, Wyndham Caravan Park, Diggers Rest or Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort.  Each of these destinations have other activities to fill in the afternoon and evening.
  • EVENING - Returning to Kununurra accommodation for a quick freshen up and dinner at Hotel Kununurra, staying on to watch the Muster Idol Heat 1.


  • MORNING/ AFTERNOON - Early breakfast at accommodation house and then head into KVC to meet the bus which will take you to Argyle Diamond Mine, for lunch and a tour of the famous Pink Diamond producing mine site.
  • EVENING - Upon returning to Kununurra, head back to your accommodation for a quick freshen up before heading out to the Hoochery for dinner and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow.


  • MORNING - Stop by the Wild Mango for an early coffee & breakfast before heading out to Emma Gorge.  The drive will take you around an hour. The brisk 1-hour walk to Emma Gorge ends at a large cool waterhole, graced by a 65m droplet waterfall, perfect for a relaxing swim.
  • AFTERNOON - Head to back to Kununurra and pop your head in at the Kununurra Museum then head to Celebrity Tree Park and learn how to cook like the professionals at Kimberley Kitchen with our Celebrity Chef.
  • EVENING - Dinner and sunset at the Pump House then head to Hotel Knx for Muster Idol Heat 2.


  • MORNING - Breakfast at accommodation house and take a leisurely stroll around Kununurra, making sure you stop in at Kimberley Fine Diamonds.  Head into the local Art Galleries Artlandish & Artopia, both Indigenous and contemporary.
  • AFTERNOON - Head out to Zebra Rock Gallery for lunch.
  • EVENING - Freshen up at your accommodation and head to a real Corroboree Under the Stars at Waringarri Arts or, if you’ve got yourself a ticket, jump on the bus to Durack Dinner for a spectacular long table dining experience.


  • MORNING - Breakfast at accommodation house and take a leisurely drive 70 kilometres to Lake Argyle.  Stop at the Argyle Downs Homestead Museum and learn all about The Durack family.
  • AFTERNOON - Head over to Lake Argyle Resort for lunch and a swim in the Infinity Pool.
  • EVENING - Join one of the tour operators at Lake Argyle and do a sunset cruise in the Lake before returning to Kununurra for dinner at Hotel Kununurra and the Muster Idol Final.


  • MORNING - Breakfast at accommodation house and a trip into the Kununurra Markets.
  • AFTERNOON/ EVENING - Have a rest and start to prepare for the big finale – the Kimberley Moon Experience. This event is the jewel in the Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster's crown, an afternoon, evening and night full of entertainment by Lake Kununurra. 


For more ideas and tailored itineraries that suit you interests perfectly, please contact the Kununurra Visitor Centre direct on (08) 9168 1177 or


We also suggest contacting our local tour operators who can send you more information on exciting activities in this stunning part of the world:

  • Triple J Tours
  • Helispirit
  • 2K Tours
  • Kingfisher Tours
  • Kimberley Air Tours
  • Aviair
  • Lake Argyle Resort